How happy will your body be when you add Life.

Answer the following questions with a yes or no to determine how much you will benefit from adding life. [The questions below will need to be set up in a poll format]

Are you dissatisfied with your weight? Yes or No

  1. Do you find yourself craving sweets? Yes or No
  2. Do you have a “sweet tooth”? Yes or No
  3. Do you eat salty foods often? Yes or No
  4. Do you get tired or sluggish around 2pm daily? Yes or No
  5. Could you use more strength? Yes or No
  6. Could you benefit from more energy? Yes or No
  7. Could you benefit from body detoxification? Yes or No
  8. Can you and your loved ones benefit from much better health? Yes or No

If you answered yes...

1-3 times You will be pleased with having more energy and feeling great.

4-7 times You will be really happy with your results. You are healthier, leaner, with way more energy. Congratulations.

8-10 Wow! You are overjoyed. You have caught lightning in a bottle. Your body is in the zone. And you can’t stay out of the mirror.

Man or woman in mirror pic

If yes to these questions,  Add life to your diet immediately