When you make your +Life Super Powder purchase you will be asked if you would like to be a Go Vita Partner. Simply answer yes and complete a few short fields.

After which you will receive an email indicating if you are accepted and with a few clicks you will then be prompted to link your PayPal account for your commission deposits. That’s it.

You are a Go Vita Partner!

And what does it mean to be a Go Vita Partner?

It means you will be given a custom link that you can share with anyone you want to help. You can share that link in person or online.

And it is from your link that you will receive your 15% commission off every sale made using your custom link. And if the purchases are recurring or regular then so are your commissions.

This means you can make money from sales anywhere even while you sleep, using your custom link.

Also, if those who use your link decide to become partners then you will receive a 5% commission off their personal sales as well. This allows you to expand and help others while benefiting with them financially.

It’s a


Being a Go Vita Partner gives you two new streams of income that you didn’t already have.

And it empowers you to help others enjoy the health and body they deserve while earning commissions as well.

What a fabulous way to live.

And to support you, we host regular conference calls, offer online trainings, highlight you on social media, and provide you with digital marketing materials. These along with strong customer support provide you all the things you need to excel and meet your goals.

Ask yourself what can you do with new streams of income?

Could an additional $500 a month in income help you cover a car note?

Could an additional $1800 a month help cover your housing expenses?

And if you have the influence and enrolled hundreds of consumers and partners, would you mind having thousands of dollars a month flow to you passively every month?

This is what you can expect when you share and expand the Go Vita community.

And because your link doesn’t expire, you can receive these commissions over and over and over again for decades as long as you remain a customer of the powder.

Get your life back

Have you ever earned residual or passive income before? In some ways it’s like building a retirement plan. As your passive income gradually grows to match your full time income you can reduce your work hours and get your life back.

More Energy + Better Health + Happy Body + More Money + More Time =. Go Vita lifestyle

Did we mention that

there are no quotas.

No enrollment fees.

Simply use the powder and share your story of how you benefit from it along with your link and that’s it.

Now when someone you care about complains about their body or health simply share your story and link and you can change their life for the better.

Get started now and enroll now as a Go Vita partner and start receiving your regular commissions.