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+Life is more than a product and a brand. It’s a philosophy, a commitment and a community. A philosophy rooted in love of people and the abundance that surrounds us. As such we prioritize the well-being of people both in product and in our business model.

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....are all aligned to offer people the highest quality experience. We have a superior product and when we share it with others we receive the benefits. That is our culture. The company, like nature, is designed for growth and promotes abundance. More energy. More time. More money. Better health. More life.

People are transforming their lives with the +Life Super powder.

Here are just a few of the comments by those who use the super powder.

Baye, 47

Since taking green powder I have not been sluggish during my long work days. It has given me the energy and clarity to solve complex challenges.

Bea, 46

I've tried lots of other products, but what I found is that +Life is hands-down the best tasting and most powerful super green that I've used. It gives me nutrition and vitality that lasts all-day. One of my favorite benefits is that I eat a lot of salmon, and I feel very reassured that +Life is detoxing my body of any mercury that the salmon may contain. I love ALL of its benefits and I feel the difference right away after I drink it. I look better and feel fantastic! I really feel that I'm at peak performance and the most healthiest I've ever been. I'm telling all my friends and family to get it! I highly recommend it!

Manny, 28

The green super powder has been very key for me in reducing my urge to eat and maintaining a better diet. I like to use it mostly in smoothies or with yogurt and have it in place of lunch. It helps me to curb my appetite a lot longer and has made it easier to reduce and maintain a better weight, which is what I really wanted to focus on.

Salim, 61

I have more energy. I’m building more muscle and I play more soccer now.

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