Along with +Life Green Super Powder, we recommend you take our immersive. +Life personal transformation class I. The class guides and instructs you through the transformational changes that accompanies +Life Green Super Powder. It also provides guidance on food choices, grocery shopping cooking, restaurant selection, and more. It’s a roadmap on how to get the best results with the Green Super Powder. 

Upon completing the class you will have achieved multiple milestones and develop new healthy habits that will benefit you for the rest of your life. 

Our class is designed to reset habits. Habits that will serve you forever. Habits that will reap benefit for you for the rest of your life.

What you get with the class?

  • (1) Bag of +Life Green 
  • (1) +Life Tumbler pic
  • 2 months email guidance 
  • (1) +Life personal transformation I Workbook
  • +Life email for unanswered questions and support 
  • 18 + Life personal transformation videos. ( this 18 video subject list can be on the class tab or homepage) 
  1. Your success overview
  2. Your starting point
  3. Your +Life Goals and self image 
  4. +Life drink Recipes - find your blend
  5. The +Life impact 
  6. Rest digestion machine 
  7. Your food is super important 
  8. The +Life gradual easy process of change
  9. Food and it’s effects: Healthy Food recommendations 
  10. Meal planning, grocery shopping, & restaurants 
  11. Cooking pointers
  12. Some journey Milestones & breakthroughs
  13. The successful journey -
  14. Being the new me - impact of change - what now - don’t fear change Partner & food maker join you social food - lifestyle disruptions 
  15. Congrats Completion ! - personal value - new activities & review
  16. Bonus 1 Keep moving the power of exercise
  17. Bonus 2 nutritional supplement basics
  18. Bonus 3 your health is wealth. 

Class begins Sept 1, 2024

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Do you want even more help? 

Add individualized one on one coaching with your course. 

$999 includes everything in the transformation class along with personalized one on one coaching 

  • Incl 30 mins coaching and coaching emails 
  • Coaching is currently with company founder, Michael Billion.
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Class begins Sept 1, 2024

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